Web Banner Advertisements

It’s hard to go on the internet at this day in age and not see some sort of banner advertisement on your screen. However, we’re moving past those days of tacky, annoying and intrusive banners that get in your face and ruin your browsing experience and you wish would just disappear. Web banners are improving and renewing their purpose. When designed well, they provide a great opportunity to showcase creativity, catch people’s attention and get them to interact positively with the message.

This helpful post on Bannerflow explains “Display advertising itself has evolved from mere static images to one of the biggest branches of online marketing that incorporates a whole spectrum of technology from video to rich media ads and more.” This method of advertisement can be exciting, playful, humorous and interactive. This blog on MonsterPost has tons of examples of successful banner advertisements to show how this field of media is changing and developing positively.

Web banners can be appear in all different sizes, as shown in the JMCA Media Ads chart below.

banner size chart

If you’re looking to create your own web banner advertisement, here are some basic things to keep in mind:

Keep it simple: Too much information can become overwhelming and hard to grasp. Many good designs are clean, simplistic and straightforward to get the point across.

Limit duration: Any animations or movements should be limited to 15–30 seconds maximum. Your viewers won’t want to sit there much longer than that, and you’ll lost their attention before you get to your final point.

Consider readability: Don’t include too much text and consider the font size as well, make sure nothing is too small to easily read. If you have moving text, make sure it displays long enough so it can be read through twice in order for the reader to grasp the information.

Separate yourself: Your banner should have defined edges so that it doesn’t blend into the content of the webpage. Find the balance to help it stand out on its own, but not be too intrusive and tacky that the viewer wishes it would go away.

And please please please don’t forget basic design principles to avoid creating something like this…

ugly banner

Check out a helpful presentation on Slideshare for more in depth tips with visual examples to help you create a successful web banner.