E-cards are digital versions of cards that are sent online. They often involve some sort of movement or animation to add an extra element of interest for the viewer. E-cards can be used for solicitation purposes, holiday wishes, general greetings, or sending other information.


E-cards are a good source for solicitation because they can provide a variety of information in an interesting, fluid way and they often lighten the mood to make the ask for something such as a donation.

Like many other colleges and universities, Columbus School of Law sends out solicitation e-cards to alumni around the holiday season asking for gifts. This one from 2013 is a successful example of how a solicitation e-card should be. The text is legible, easy to read, displays long enough and is worded in an appropriate manner for the message to get across without being too obtrusive. The e-card is consistent in its design throughout the animation and the audio compliments the tone. It also has links available to make a gift, visit the alumni page, and connect with them on social media, as well as the option to replay the video at the end. All of these elements combine to send a clear and effective message.


Thank You’s

JibJab is a great resource for e-cards. They have multiple different categories to choose from for holidays, celebrations and just regular greetings. The element that makes their cards fun and successful is the fact that you can personalize them. Many of the templates allow you to upload your own pictures so that your face, or the face of someone you choose, is featured in the animation. That is why their thank you cards especially are so strong. Allowing the receiver to see your personal touches makes the message more individualized and meaningful.

JibJab        Thank You


Just like paper cards, e-cards are successful at fostering different emotions depending on the occasion. Some of the tones that e-cards can convey include:


Who wouldn’t want to receive a birthday card with dogs barking and singing the happy birthday song? The imagery, audio and overall concept of this birthday card makes it happy, playful and funny.



Sometimes people need a little motivation to keep them going. This e-card is a fun way to send a little inspiration someone’s way to cheer them up. The combination of the audio shift, the typography and the turtle’s actions provide a sense of motivation and perseverance.



Sometimes fun, playful, humorous cards are not appropriate for the situation. With the proper audio and text, e-cards can take on a more serious tone and be used for more sentimental purposes, like sympathy or empathy.


As you can see, e-cards can be used for a variety of purposes, from solicitation to greetings to sharing information. There are many online resources you can use to choose, personalize and send your own e-cards for whatever purpose you see fit. Or you can always try your own hand at creating a one-of-a-kind e-card from scratch!